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Site Upgrades

Postby Stunned on Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:38 am

Tonights maintenance was minor and included the following:

The new default style is RedGlass.
The previous RedGlass style was cleaned up a bit to be a little less 'glaring.'
Howl's CCnet graphic has been incorporated with subSilver and RedGlass.
The ticketing 'advertisements' associated with subSilver are now gone.

Note the following:

Over the next few months we will be rolling out a number of site upgrades. We've gone through the site suggestions and, including plans of our own, will begin to implement improvements as we can. We're hoping you'll like what you see.

Note that the RedGlass upgrade is temporary. It has become clear recently that we need to move off the phpBB2 forum software that we're currently running to phpBB3--at least in the short run. Official support for phpBB2 will be discontinued on 1/1/2009, so we will be off of phpBB2 by then at a minimum.

This means that the look and feel of the site will, necessarily, change. We'll be working to prepare for the migration as soon as possible. So while the site 'front end' style is now RedGlass, it won't be for very long. Because of this, we decided not to be too worried about some of the current imperfections with RedGlass as it exists today. Please bear with us.

Finally, registered members can change their style in their profile to something other than the default. If you're using the default style and don't like the new RedGlass default, you can always go to your profile and change it. If you need assistance with this, please contact Pete, Matzel, or myself for assistance (or ask in this thread).

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