Building the team...

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Building the team...

Postby Robert Earthpig on Fri May 31, 2013 12:14 pm

Let's assume the ownership hassle will come to a close soon and GMDM can begin getting down to work on improving the dogs.

First thing he must do is re-sign Tippett. Then Mike Smith and Boyd Gordon and re-sign the RFAs.

Then comes the matter of finding some scoring somewhere...
Potential targets :
- Brad Richards (considering the relationship with Sather)... he may have gone off track this year but is too good of a player to be 'past it.' He could be had for a relative song... a second rounder and Chris Summers perhaps.
- Thomas Vanek - completely available for the right price. Yandle for Vanek?
- Paul Stastny - Yes he's expensive but still relatively young, better defensively now to fit in with Tippett's system - and could be had for Yandle but I'd expect it to be Yandle for Stastny and a second or third rounder.
- Alex Burmistrov - would upgrade our centres. Given an opportunity could be a dynamic set up guy. Already defensively solid. How about this deal? Yandle to the Jets for Burmistrov, a second rounder and a fourth rounder.
- Sam Gagner - Would also upgrade our centres. Would become become number one pivot with the dogs and could blossom. Yandle for Gagner straight up.
- Danny Briere - Offer Chris Summers for him. He'd get prime ice time playing with Doan and Vermette and they'd make a pretty dangerous line.
And then there's this: Trade Yandle and a first rounder to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler.

Guys who'd be great fits who could be UFAs:
- Patrick Elias
- David Clarkson
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Re: Building the team...

Postby Hulkzilla on Fri May 31, 2013 1:29 pm

2 cents
Richards would be best i thinks'
Vanek is super awesome ..Sabres want defensive help. A shut down defender against others top players.
Stastny is a fine player..I don't get excited about him yeah he would fit in good here.
Burmistrov..never heard of him
Gagner..something wrong with body or mind I don't know..he's done.
Briere I think he is done also.. I hit away from having his brain scrambled like an egg..he also (I think) has a ton of kids to move around so family will be the number 1 factor in how/where his career ends.

I would also think they'd want to find a new poster boy for the franchise..Remember we got rid of Selanne for Roenick? (you know what I mean) they wanted a player to sell to new hockey fans. All American Jeremy over Teemu.

Fun topic though..refreshing from the usual Doom N Gloom that works its way into my thoughts after posting.
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Re: Building the team...

Postby Matzel on Fri May 31, 2013 6:06 pm

- His last season in NY was not that impressive (considering his salary of $12.0mm) and in the playoffs he stunk. He is owed three more seasons of $9.0mm and $8.5mm respectively. Unless he's bought out by the Ranger$ and willing to come for cheap, I'd pass.

- He's only 29 years old with one year left on his current contract ($6.4mm). I think he's realistically worth that money. He better fits the profile of what the Coyotes need: a pure sniper. With the right mates this guy still has a 40 goal season in him.

- Struggled last year on an awful Avs team. Only 27 years old. Hefty price tag at $6.6mm for the lousy 9 goals he scored last season (40 games played). In 7 seasons in the show only scored more than 22 goals once in a season (2006/'07). Meh.

- RFA with upside. Reports out of Winnipeg (Free Press) state that he has no intentions of resigning with the Jets. Maybe a draft deal could see his rights being traded with conditional picks attached if he is signed? I wonder if coach Tippett would be a good mentor to get Burmistov's career going, though. Offensive, dipsy-doodle type players aren't really his go-to guys. (cough Mueller, cough Turris, cough Wheeler, ...) Noel didn't like Burmistrov but he has talent. It has GMDM dumpster-diving special all over it. :wink:

- RFA - Only 23 years old and already over 400 NHL games experience. Better than a half a point/game while playing on some very dubious Oilers teams. Instant #1 centre on the 2013/'14 Yotes but could eventually drop to 2nd line on a true cup contender because he lacks size and weight. Will be seeking big money and long term.

- too little / too late; (pun intended)

- WHO SAID HE WAS AVAILABLE??? If so, get on the phone, GMDM. Make it happen... :beerchug:
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