2013 FA signings

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Re: 2013 FA signings

Postby CBL on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:29 pm

So, it looks like Rundblad was re-signed for two years. I couldn't find the details as to whether it was a one-way or two-way contract, but if it was one-way, I'm guessing we may be looking at trading him (or Yandle). If Yandle is traded, I guess pairings of OEL- Michalek, Schlemko-Morris, and Rundblad (or Stone) - Klesla would be okay (especially if we switch in Stone and Summers to the bottom line pairings if Rundblad struggles) would be decent.

We also signed Brodeur (Mathieu-D), Hextall (Brett-C), and McMillan (C) to one year contracts (two way) for the A.

Mark Louis (D) was also resigned (2 year, two-way).

All in all not bad. That leaves Goncharov and Boedker as our remaining RFAs.

Remaining UFAs that may be re-signed include Scott Arnold (LW) and Matt Clackson (RW). I'm guessing they'll pass on Arnold (he mostly played in Gwinnett last season) and they could probably skip on Clackson as well.

I can't imagine we'll add much else from free agency (unless they find a major weakness in camp), so that leaves trades for the 2-3 pieces I'd like to see us add.
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Re: 2013 FA signings

Postby Matzel on Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:41 am

Rundblad is on a two year / one way deal according to our friend from MHJ.
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