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This is the place to talk all trade and free agent ideas and rumors.
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TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:33 pm

Well, since we both suck at the moment, I can't imagine the GMs would be adverse to possible trade talks despite being in the same division. We are a defensively deep team (youth-wise) and they are an offensively deep team (youth-wise). So, why not try to get something done?

Oilers of interest:
Hall - LW. Signed for 5 more years at 6 mill per season. A bit pricey, but he's only 23. Perhaps a change of play-style would suit him?
Eberle - RW. Signed for 4 more years at 6 million per season. Again, pricey, but 24 and might work well with Hanzal (if we keep him)
Purcell - RW. 29 but only signed for 1 more season (4.5 million). Might be a good linemate for Boedker
Perron - LW. 26 but only signed for 1 more season (3.8 million). I'm not sure where he'd do well, but perhaps with Doan?
Yakupov - RW. Sure, no one wants him, so we might be able to get him for next to nothing. He's reasonably priced and in the last year of his contract. After that he's an RFA. At 21, he could still adjust his attitude (with the help of some Coyotes players); however, I'm guessing he'll head back to Russia next year.
Aulie - D. Sure, the Oilers probably shouldn't be giving up a big D-man (6'6), but he's only 25, in the last year of his contract, and is 1 of 2 active players with a + on the Oilers Roster, so he must be doing something right
Scrivens - G. The last thing they'd want to do is trade their better goalie, but he might be worth looking at. I doubt they'd want Dubnyk again, so we'd probably have to trade a prospect/pick (Domingue seems to be doing decently and I suppose McKenna might be ready to serve as backup in Edmonton)

Coyotes that could be moved:
Yandle - D. Not the Defensive wunderkind they need, but would be a marked improvement over their current D and with Nikitin on IR, they could use him
Hanzal - C. As much as I'd like to see him stay, he's one of our players that has value. He'd give the Oilers that needed D and is affordable at 3.1 mill/season
Korpikoski - LW. Again, he's served us well, but if we can get an offensive minded player in return, well worth the trade (and would help the Oilers quite a bit)
Moss - RW. They'd probably not be interested, but he's cheap, has only a one year contract, and is defensive-minded (which would help the Oilers to transition to a more balanced playing style with a new coach)
Vitale - C. Affordable veteran that can win FOs. With the number of offensive players on the team, he could do surprisingly well
Stone - D. Similar to Yandle, he's not the Defensive dynamo they need, but he has improved defensively and can score on occasion as well. He'd probably be on the 3rd D line, but could move up if he does well.
Summers - D. We wouldn't get much for him, but he would definitely improve the Oilers Defense a bit and would probably get more ice-time there
Chip - C. They could've picked him up on waivers if they wanted him (I think), but he'd definitely help them aplenty. Sure, he's inconsistent, but can also play all forward positions so they'd probably find a place for him
Schlemko - D. Again, could have been claimed, but would be a decent addition to the Oilers defensemen (even if he ended up the #7)

Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:16 pm

Thinking of the draft, what would it take to get the #2 pick from Edmonton?

Obviously we'd trade our # 3 to them, but what else would be involved. Would we be willing to give up OEL? I would want a bit more in return, which means at least Yakupov and a prospect.

Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:43 am

NOT A CHANCE do I trade OEL and the 3rd for the second pick.


Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:44 am

Matzel wrote:NOT A CHANCE do I trade OEL and the 3rd for the second pick.


Like I said, what else might be involved. We'd have to add something to the mix for them to give up their #2 (in addition to our #3) and we'd definitely have to overpay.

Of course there are some interesting moves going on in the rankings. According to an early March ranking Lawson Crouse is ranked 3rd and Marner has moved up from 7th to 5th. So, I suppose we could go with Crouse (6'4 and 211 lbs), although he's not really the offensive powerhouse we need. Marner (5'11 and 160 lbs), on the other hand, might be worth considering. He'll probably need a few seasons of experience/bulking up, but would be a nice addition to our roster. He also plays for the London Knights, so that might work well if (or should I say when) Domi and Dvorak make our roster.

So, I guess upon further consideration, I'd say "nay" to the OEL move and settle for Marner/Crowse.

Still, what else might Edmonton want from us that could land us Eichel?

Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:28 am

Should the dogs fall to third pick, we are still in line for some pretty wicked players. Hopefully they are smart enough to know not to pick Noah Hanifin (d). Ripping good forwards available at third include Dylan Strome (who would be my preference), a 6'3" scoring machine centre who has been studying McDavid. He would instantly become this franchise's second best prospect (after Domi) and we'd be better having him aboard. However, he could be one or two years away at best. McDavid and Eichel are NHL ready and will likely step into the league as 60 point plus scoring rookies (depending on supporting cast etc.) In a few years McDavid, for sure, will be a top five scorer and could easily become the best player in the world.

So - trading OEL AND our third overall pick for McDavid might make sense in the long run but then we are still giving up a franchise defenceman of the like that don't come along often (never in the case of Phoenix/Arizona). Then again, the franchise here has never had a franchise centerman, either. Maybe Edmonton would be willing to make such a deal because they need D but I can't see anyone passing on either McDavid or Eichel. Edmonchuk can just trade RNH or Eberle to snag a top two defenceman and build from there.
A stud blueliner is VITAL to build a winner and they take longer to season - so I'd keep OEL and keep building. Maybe hope for a shot at Eichel, which would be SWEET.

I am going to predict the lads play plucky dumb dolt hockey and keep us in third last.
Dylan Strome looks like a top six forward. We've got Domi, Perlini, Dvorak - to go with Strome, then Boedker, Gagner, Rieder and Hanzal as vets to anchor the kids. Not a bad mix of forwards in two or three years. We'll still suck for a year or two so high draft picks will come along then, too.
Ah who am I kidding - it's all just the same ole same ole if we don't snag McDavid or Eichel. :rant:

Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:51 am

I did a bit of research on Strome as well and he seems promising, so I'd be fine with him as well. Of course, he needs to bulk up quite a bit (something that isn't a factor for Crouse--although he isn't really a scorer).

Re: TradeTalk: Edmonton Possibilities?

Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:15 pm

I am starting to believe that we actually have a quality shot at McDavid or Eichel.
Just pull back on the reins Coach Tip and play the fourth line more than the first.
Strome would be a wicked score in a weaker draft (might even be first overall) but why settle for corned beef when tenderloin is available for almost the same price?
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