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Trade Rumors 2015

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:24 am
by CBL
Well, I came across a rumor that Boston is looking at making a major trade and Arizona came up. The offer is rather laughable, but I might as well mention it:

Lucic and the Bruins 1st (#14) for our #3 pick. Linky Link--NHL Trade Rumours

1. #14 doesn't leave as many choices for filling our needs. Sure, Zacha, Werenski, or Meier might be available, but it's doubtful.
2. Lucic's $6 million contract ends in 2016, so we'd only have him for one season (and it's doubtful he'd re-sign with us since we'll probably do poorly next season)

Now, I know the Bruins needs to shed salary (and we could afford it), but I'd say we would want much more than that for the #3. Sure, it'd be nice to see a Lucic - Hanzal - Doan line on the ice, but Lucic's production has been declining over the last 5 seasons, so he's definitely not worth 6 million. In terms of roster players, I don't see much of interest besides McQuaid or Hamilton--both RFAs that they are trying to retain (while I'd like Krejci, he's signed through 2021 and Bergeron is signed through 2022), so they'd need to throw in a prospect or future picks.

So, overall, thanks for the offer but no thanks :P