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Playoff ticket - Season ticket holder needed

Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:36 pm

Okay, so I done goofed.

The last two years I had partial season ticket packages, allowing me to get priority for the playoffs.

This year I went off and got engaged with the money I would've used on my tickets (silly me). I've still been able to go to a bunch of games (especially lately) through my corporate discount...

However, I am going to be left in the cold when playoff time comes.

What I'm hoping is that there will be someone here with 2 or more upper level season tickets (partial or full). If it's like the last few years, you'll be able to buy 2x the number of tickets in your package, so you will still get playoff tickets for you. I am hoping that I can take 2 of your extra allotment.

I will pay you for the tickets, round by round, and give you $50 for the hassle.

Long story short... :violin: :)

Let me know if you're interested. I'm posting this early to show that I'm not a dirty Wings or Hawks fan, and am in fact, a Coyote through and through.

Re: Playoff ticket - Season ticket holder needed

Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:13 am

Anyone? Bueller.... Bueller.........? :drink:
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