New to everything (Hello)

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New to everything (Hello)

Postby McMoose on Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:48 pm

Hello everyone!

I was going to post on the roll call but wanted to make something a bit more personal and maybe see what kinda people reside on these forums, anyway here we go.

I recently moved here to Phoenix (originally from England), Started trying to watch some of the local teams and get into some new sports (just had our first kid born and figured it would be cool to go see some sports with him one day). Like the D-backs, but really love watching the Coyotes. Problem is even though the game is very similar to soccer (as far as get ball/puck, get it in opposition net), I don't get most of whats going on. I mostly understand Icing, I believe offside is somewhat similar to soccers version of offside (probably wrong on this one), other then that I am clueless. Willing to learn! So please do not flame me if I say anything incredibly stupid (which is almost guaranteed to happen at some point).

So what is the status of the coyotes, (only been to 4 games (including last night against the NY Rangers, certainly the most entertaining of the 4 games I have seen)). I have sort of read that there is some ownership issues. Couldn't really dig to deep into it without really knowing how NHL works with these things. I know the Coyotes used to be the Winnipeg jets pre 1996 (am I correct on this one? really don't get how this whole team moving city thing works). So yeah if you guys don't mind, fill me in on some basic 'yotes information. Like arch rivals, biggest moment in history, or anything every Coyotes fan should know.

Anywho, thanks for taking the time to read this! I'll try not the be as stupid sounding as I am sure most this post sounds in the future :)
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