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Postby CoyoteBlaze on Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:31 pm

Name: Jordon

Location: Calgary AB.. soon to be in AZ in the near future

Birthday: June 1983

Occupation: Home based Web Developer

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Lost in Translation, Schindlers List, Enemy at the Gates... I must add all the Star Wars movies, LOTR, and I like the Harry Potter flicks for some light watching.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Rammstein, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Iron Maiden

5 Favorite Books, ever: I only read Harry Potter, every other book I just get on Audio for my iPod.

5 Favorite TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, LOST, Seinfeld, Big Brother, Amazing Race

Flames fan first, Yotes fan 2nd since 2000

Favorite Quote: It's better to be a Warrior then a Worrier
Balsillie is officially not relevant. Adios!!!
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Postby BellRox77 on Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:56 pm

Name: Ayden.

Location: Langford,Victoria,BC,Canada.

Birthday: April 22,1993.

Occupation: Student.(in grade 6,held back a year)

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Lie Free or Die Hard, Fast & The Furious:Tokyo Drift, King Kong(new one), Scary Movie 4, Spiderman 3.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Chucky Danger, Bon Jovi, Drop-Kick Murphy's, Chris Brown, System Of A Down.

5 Favorite Books, ever: Harry Potter Series, Screech Owl Series, Deltora Quest Series, Chronicles Of Narnia.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Prison Break, Sportsnet.
Yotes Fan Since: November 7th,1998(was finally getting into hockey and really started to like the Coyotes)

Favorite Quote:
"Everything Tastes Like Chicken!"
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Postby Jimmy Stump on Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:55 pm

Hmm, dont think I ever noticed the roll call on this site until now...

Name: Sean. Sadly, Jimmy Stump is just my internet alter-ego / porn-star name.

Location: The Greatest, Whitest North

Birthday: August 29th

Occupation: Urban Planner by day. After that, my wife and I are the cookers of food, the runners of baths, and the healers of booboos for 2 young girls that happen to be our children.

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Hard to finalize this, my tastes change! Mosquito Coast, Shawshank Redemption, Into the Wild, The Hunt for Red October, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Tough one, because forever is a long time. The Clash (London Calling & Sandanista albums only!), Bob Marley, Athlete, Hawksley Workman, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (I play bass as a hobby, and Victor Wooten is a fantastic bass player).

5 Favorite Books, ever: Again, tough to narrow down. The Sweet Hereafter (Russell Banks), Out of Africa (Isak Dinesen), The English Patient (Michael Ondajte), A Bend In The River (V.S. Naipaul), I Know This Much Is True (Wally Lamb).

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Ugh. I can barely even name 5 shows now. I am not much of a TV person. Lost, and a lot of stuff on the National Geographic channel are new things I like. Ill throw in The West Wing, Northern Exposure (90s), M*A*S*H* (70s) for some historical content.

Yotes Fan Since: 1990s

Favorite Quote: Something witty no doubt.
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Postby Stunned on Fri May 30, 2008 12:06 pm

I guess it's about time I get with the program...

Name: Rick.

Location: Chandler, AZ

Birthday: 11/1961 (ouch)

Occupation: Software engineer.

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Like everyone else, hard to narrow it down, but I'll go with (in no particular order): Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Swingers, National Lampoons Vacation, and Leaving Las Vegas.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Sheesh, can you ask me a tougher set of questions? What's your next question? Lemme guess. Next you're gonna ask me to declare my 5 favorite books for cryin' out loud. Okay, I'll go with: Steely Dan, Queen, Eagles, The Electric Light Orchestra, and.... Fleetwood Mac.

5 Favorite Books, ever: The World According to Garp, The Great American Tragedy, The Stand, The Clan of the Cave Bear (series), and The Firm.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Frontline, Top Chef, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC), High Stakes Poker, The Real World

Yotes Fan Since: 1998

Favorite Quote: A good idea, stated badly, sounds like a bad idea.
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Postby Blubba Jenkins on Fri May 30, 2008 12:20 pm

Name: Peter

Location: Atlanta, GA soon to be Jacksonville, FL in two weeks

Occupation: High School Junior

Favorite movies: There is a big list that I might upload here one day...

Favorite music: Anything but rap or country

Favorite TV Shows: Just Scrubs, I dont watch TV a lot

Coyotes Fan Since: Originally a Flyers fan because my bro-in-law (from Philly) introuduced the sport to me, but then I wanted to represent the Coyotes because I was born in Arizona. This change of heart happened maybe two years ago

Favorite quote:
J.D: I can't believe you lost our bottle opener.
Turk: I know- I miss it so much it hurts sometimes.
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Blubba Jenkins
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Postby wabbit3119 on Fri May 30, 2008 4:34 pm

Name: Kenny Mitchell

Location: Redondo Beach Califonia (just recently moved from Mesa, AZ)

Birthday: July 2nd 1992

Occupation: Student, Junior

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Phonebooth, Frequencey, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, Scarface

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Sublime, The Scorpions, Nickleback, All That Remains, Linkin Park

5 Favorite Books, ever: Hero, Shadow Kids, That Was Then this Is Now, Go Ask Alice, Hockey For Dummies ;)

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: NHL Live, ESPN, TSN, Hockey Night In Canada, HBO (If that even Counts)

Yotes Fan Since: 1996

Favorite Quote: "You should never throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you have a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth"
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Postby Me007gold on Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:46 am

Name: Michael

Location: San Antonio, Tx

Birthday: Aug 26, 1982

Occupation: Valet/Bellmen at Wyndam La Casacada

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Face/Off, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Caddy Shack, Blazing Saddles

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Toadies, Metallica, Nirvana, Zepplin, AC/DC

5 Favorite Books, ever: Intensity: Dean Koontz, Happy Endings a tale of a meaty breasted zilch: Jim Norton, Men > Women: Dick Masterson

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Simpsons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Married With Children.

Yotes Fan Since: Last year when i got hooked on Rampage Hockey
Favorite Quote: I dont like it, i LOVE IT!
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Postby maytag13 on Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:12 am

Name: Zach

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Birthday: Sept. 16

Occupation: Student

5 Favorite Movies, ever: 300, Hot Rod, Superbad, Semi Pro, The Italian Job

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians: Metallica, ACDC, Nickleback, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden

5 Favorite Books: Don't really have any favorite books

5 Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, South Park, House M.D., Dirty Jobs, Robot Chicken

Coyotes Fan Since:They moved to Phoenix

Favorite Quote: Veni Vidi Vici
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Newbie on Board!!

Postby Scrammy on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:36 pm

I've been here in Phoenix for 6 years and a Coyotes fan for four seasons. The hockey strike helped me transistion from being a Kings' follower. I've been a hockey fan for over 40 years, going all the way back to the NY rangers Rod Gilbert era. Both my sons played travel youth hockey and the wifey is a big fan too! Season tickets going on year 4!!

DOB: 3/14/54
Occupation: Real Estate

5 Movies Chinatown, Annie Hall, Hunt For Red October, Shawshank Redemption & Phantom Of The Opera
5 Bands: Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Allman Brothers, Neil Young & Miles Davis
5 Books: Kite Runner, 1000 Splendid Suns, Into The Wilderness, A Work Of Staggering Genius & Shakey
5 TV Shows: Seinfeld, Nova, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hell's Kitchen & Keith Olberman
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Postby Ghosthoffa on Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:01 pm

Name: Zac Reynolds

Location: Surprise, AZ

Birthday: July 6, 1981

Occupation: Advertising Sales Director, The Times Publications

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings, Some Like It Hot, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Monty Python's Holy Grail

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: 311, Live, Pennywise, Beastie Boys, Bush

5 Favorite Books, ever: Rainbow Six; Jurassic Park; Lord of the Rings; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Lost, The Office, Hell's Kitchen, The Unit, 30 Rock

Yotes Fan Since I played NHL 95 on Sega Winnipeg Jets with Tkachuk and Phil Housley

Favorite Quote: "Losers Let Things Happen, Winners Make Things Happen. Make Something Happen!" Dennis Waitley
Q: How do you get Democrats to pay taxes? A: Appoint them to Cabinet positions.

Mitt Romney in 2012

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Postby BetweenthePipes on Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:54 am

First post here, but have read this forum since Bryz arrived.

Location: Cincinnati

Birthday: March 30, a long long time ago.

Occupation: Retired & lovin' it

Favorite Book, ever: The Sound and the Fury

Yotes Fan Since: Bryz came to the Yotes last year. Have followed Bryz for his entire US career, beginning here in Cincinnati with the then (AHL) Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. Have two autographed game worn Bryz Jerseys:
One a special edition Cincy Ducks jersey commemorating 9/11, and,
One from when the Cincy Ducks wore Anaheim Ducks jerseys for one AHL game then auctioned them. It is a unique jersey because Bryz wore Number 35 in Cincinnati, which is Giguere's number in Anaheim, so the jersey is an official Anaheim Ducks jersey with Bryz's name and number 35 on it!

Favorite Quote: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds... [Emerson]

I follow the Yotes games on Center Ice, and almost always when they are not on there (Damn Versus), I can get them streamed via StreamTVnow, sopcast, etc. Late nights here in Cincy!

Since I have followed Bryz since 2001, including 4 years up close & personal in Cincinnati, I consider myself a resource about him.
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Postby DerbyCoyote on Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:57 am

Name: Ed
Location: Derby, England.
Birthday: August '81
Occupation: Software Developer
5 Favorite Movies, ever: Original 3 Star Wars films, Godfather 1+2, Usual Suspects, Young Guns, Office Space. (I guess that's 8, was never any use at maths).
5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: The Wildhearts, Whitesnake, Skid Row (the original version), Alice Cooper, Billy Joel. But tons more on top of that.
5 Favorite Books, ever: Devil's Teardrop, LA Requiem, Of Mice and Men, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, anything by Ed McBain, The Mugger stands out at the moment.
5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Family Guy, Peep Show... err... finding 5's kinda tricky, you should try watching British telly at the moment...
Yotes Fan Since: A couple of years back when I got into hockey over here, decided I should have an NHL team too so just picked the Yotes largely at random, and because I liked the logo. Happy with my choice, except that the games start at about 4am UK time :(
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Postby Charlemagne on Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:34 pm

Name: charlie

Location: new york, ny (but native of monterey, cali)

Birthday: june 24, 1983

Occupation: actor

5 Favorite Movies, ever: donnie darko, swingers, the big lebowski, hedwig and the angry inch, fight club

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: dire straits, cake, barenaked ladies, john lee hooker, garbage

5 Favorite Books, ever: kissing in manhattan (david schickler), forever (pete hamill), great expectations (charles dickins), east of eden (john steinbeck), the metamorphosis (franz kafka)

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: x-files, king of the hill, scrubs, mythbusters, nhl live

Yotes Fan Since: not. ;) but you are my least disliked division rival.

Favorite Quote: "i can show you how to make a bomb out of a roll of toilet paper and a stick of dynamite." (dale gribble, king of the hill)
You're gonna need a bigger boat.

sig by racki @ oilers bb.
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Postby azmnyote on Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:34 pm

Name: EmmBee

Location: East Valley

Birthday: :beerchug: Old enough not to tell!

Occupation: WonderWoman

5 Favorite Movies, ever:
Almost Famous, The Sixth Sense, The Big Chill, the Wedding Singer, Shawshank Redemption

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever:
Ever? It usually depends on my mood, but I'd say The Doors, The Dead, Dylan, Boston and Led Zep

5 Favorite Books, ever: Cold Mountain, Animal Dreams, She's Come Undone

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Reruns of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, House, I love those "I love the _0's" shows on VH1

I grew up with the Minnesota North Stars (that tells you how old I am :oops:)
I've followed the Yotes since they came to the desert (couldn't bring myself to be a Stars fan....)

Favorite Quote:
What a long, strange trip its been!
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Stopping by to intoduce myself!

Postby Yotesgirl19 on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:40 pm

Name: Jenn

Location: Surprise Arizona

Occupation: project manager

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Miracle, Matrix, Gigi, Gladiator, Braveheart ('m really into the epics!)

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Korn, Linkin Park, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Metallica

5 Favorite Books, ever: 5 people you meet in heaven, Beyond the crease, the game, comfort me with apples, and anything else written by Mitch Albon

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Grey's anatomy, ice road truckers, deadliest catch, trash reality tv on VH-1, and sports center

Yotes Fan Since an ex boyfriend took me to a game when I moved here in 2003, and I was immediately hooked on the sport!

Favorite Quote: "How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?" -Jacques Plante
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