Got a new Dell studio XPS laptop...

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Re: Got a new Dell studio XPS laptop...

Postby CBL on Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:05 pm

My advice (not that it helps you now) is to get a custom laptop. It may cost more but will last longer. It would probably also run faster and can be customized to how you would use it.

Perhaps in 5 years you can benefit from my advice.

Windows 10 isn't too bad (except for the auto updates); other than that, it doesn't slow your system down.

I purchased a laptop (low-end gaming configuration--mainly since I was using it for multimedia purposes-- I never did load a game to it). I also ran Linux for a few years. I eventually updated to Windows 10, mainly because my computer skills aren't honed enough to fix all of the settings for what I needed it to do (and to get things set-up to use on non-home wi-fi).
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Re: Got a new Dell studio XPS laptop...

Postby Matzel on Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:46 am

Thanks for your input, Matt.

I think 6 plus years without trouble is pretty decent for a laptop that's used an average of 8 hours/day at least five days/week. So I was pretty happy with the Dell XPS. I priced one and they would have wanted well over $2k for what I was looking for.

So in the end I decided on the HP probook 470 G3. I only received it Friday and most of my time with it has been spent on tweaking things to my liking. So far, so good. I chose the 256GB SSD as most of my data is stored on the server and space was not a major concern to me. Boot times are in the 12 second range and you don't have the spinning disc sound. It's running *much* cooler than my old Dell which I had on a chill mat to manage the heat. And the 16 GB of RAM help a great deal with multitasking.

I am not used to Win10 yet but it will come, I am sure. I am hoping to once again get 6 plus years of service out of this laptop. <fingers crossed>
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