Battle of the Sports Models - Round... 6?

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Battle of the Sports Models - Round 6

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Battle of the Sports Models - Round... 6?

Postby yotesreign on Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:25 am

Okay so I got a sense that some more fitting 'role models' are desired instead of the 'for laughs' ones I've been serving up, and hey for a summer change of pace I'll try and oblige..... I tend to take the 'sports role model' thing a bit - on one hand, there are some guys I definitely looked up to while on the other hand, there are so many guys out there that are such huge disappointments in life that I can feel a bit jaded about looking up to any jock as a role model, and feel like mocking the whole concept.

But here goes a real try.

There's a goalie I grew up seeing play. Anyway, what little I know of him, he'd be a sports role model, even if he's from a different generation that today's generation.

There's a golfer I've watched play. And what little I know of him, he'd be a sports role model too.

So instead of stacking the deck in a boring way, putting these guys up in different rounds against cupcakes like OJ or Rae Carruth... and even though there's a risk some one might opt for the golfer because they never heard of the goalie, or vote for the goalie because they hate golfers...or opt for neither because both are so whatever...

well hopefully this one meets with more approval than the JR versus GSP battle round... :)

Glenn Hall
Phil Mickelson
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